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Peregrine Falcon Talk at SWAP Meeting

Small Wilderness Area Preservation will hold its annual celebration of the purchase of the El Moro Elfin Forest Natural Area from noon-2 p.m. Saturday, Oct. 10 at the Morro Shores Mobile Home Park Community Room, 633 Ramona Ave., in Los Osos.

Naturalist and bird behaviorist, Bob Isenberg of the Pacific Coast Peregrine Watch will give a slide show and talk on, “Life and Loves of the Peregrine Falcon.”

Open to the public with free admission, though donations to SWAP will be accepted.

Photo by Heather O’Connor

A Highway Runs Through Here : Artist tapped to capture Highway 1

By Terry Sanville ~

For many artists, the road to success is a tough one. For Arroyo Grande artist Laurel Sherrie, the road itself became part of her success.

After painting Central Coast landscapes for seventeen years, in 2014 she was selected to be the official artist for the California Highway 1 Discovery Route – a website and map that promotes tourism along coastal SLO County.

Ten of her vibrant oil paintings are displayed on the Discovery Route’s website at http://winecoastcountry.com/.

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WOWies Working WOW Week

By Camas Frank
Photos by Jay Thompson ~

It’s a jungle out there.

Visit SLO’s Downtown as the fresh crop of Cal Poly students come in for the year and one can hear almost as many locals grousing about the unending flow of “WOWies” — cruising town and seemingly learning how to drive Higuera Street — as there are yellow and green shirts on display.planting trees group 61_3v_

However, a large number of the new arrivals are eager to make a good impression and prove to the SLO community that they’ll be something more than rampaging Mustangs.

The university estimates that 2,500 incoming freshmen and transfer students are taking part in a program to give back to the community almost before they’ve taken anything.

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