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Dinner & A Movie: Fast and Furiously Fabulous

Insidious_2_39429By Teri Bayus

The Fast and Furious franchise has raced into theaters once again and I was glad. These films are my guilty pleasure and I’ve loved every one. It is the seventh film in this massive franchise that only gets better with each new segment.
In the fifth and sixth installments, Toretto (Vin Diesel), Brian (Paul Walker), Tej (Ludacirs), and Roman (Tyrese Gibson) had finally found financial stability and cleared their names to return home.
The character of Agent Hobbs (Dwayne Johnson) helped reinvigorate the franchise and Letty (Michelle Rodriguez) was brought back from the dead. Mia (Jordan Brewster) and Brian were enjoying their newfound family life, but as we found out at the end of the sixth film, the evil Deckard (Jason Statham) is set on avenging his brother’s death. Continue reading Dinner & A Movie: Fast and Furiously Fabulous


Dinner & A Movie: A Comforting Grilled Cheese Hallelujah Moment

teri useBy Teri Bayus

Comfort food produces a physical happiness that affects our physiology. Studies have turned up evidence that the comfort foods we crave are actually artifacts from our pasts.
We all have memories of happier times, and by eating foods that remind us of those times, we symbolically consume that past happiness. Nothing is more comforting than a grilled cheese sandwich — that little bastion of love your Mom prepared, cut the crust off, and sliced into triangles.
Now as a grown up, I crave these jewels of cheese and bread grilled to perfection when I am sick or down. Enter IMG_9213my “Hallelujah” moment, when a food truck roared past the Tolosa Press headquarters with the name, “Grilled Cheese Incident.”
Even more joyful, I found that the chef is one of my favorites, Mike McGourty. Mike had worked for years at the Cracked Crab, turning me on to some amazing seafood concoctions.
He left the pot and leapt into the pan opening and operating the Grilled Cheese Incident with his lovely bride, Annie Lynch, helping out and running the register when needed. Continue reading Dinner & A Movie: A Comforting Grilled Cheese Hallelujah Moment


Entertainment: April 16–29, 2015

The BobsA cappella mavericks, The Bobs, will play Cal Poly’s Spanos Theater at 8 p.m. Saturday, April 18. Student and adult tickets are $30.40 to $38 and available in advance at the PAC Box Office, Mondays-Saturdays, noon-6 p.m. Call (805) 756-4849 or online at: www.calpolyarts.org. The Seattle Times said The Bobs were, “a musical equivalent of a Gary Larsen drawing,” using only their voices and body percussion to fill a room with an orchestra of harmonious sounds. Hailed as the premier “band without instruments,” The Bobs have left an indelible mark on vocal music, expertly skewering standards and establishing their own hilarious norms. Sponsored by Tom and Susan Stenovec and The Apple Farm Inn.

Continue reading Entertainment: April 16–29, 2015


Roots Reggae Band Rising Son Ascends

Ent Rising sonPhoto and story by Carrie Jaymes

Not all bands offer widely diverse musicianship while still filling a special niche with their music. Rising Son, a roots reggae group out of Ventura, California, has that distinction.
Rising Son launched their fist album project in 2006 and has since risen to fame through highly charged live shows that provide their audiences and themselves a signature experience as well as more album projects. Live or recorded, they continue to offer music that resonates with their growing fan base, which ranges in age from kids on up. Continue reading Roots Reggae Band Rising Son Ascends


6Th Annual Wine, Waves & Beyond Central Coast Longboard Surf Classic

Screen shot 2015-04-16 at 2.51.07 PMWine, Waves & Beyond is a classic surf and wine and food event that celebrates the best of San Luis Obispo County on April 29-May 3, 2015 in Pismo Beach, Avila Beach, and San Luis Obispo. Combining the fun, laid-back atmosphere of our wine country and unique surf culture, guests enjoy five days of unforgettable events evoking the magic of wine and waves. These events take place at numerous scenic venues throughout the county.
Events includes a Surf Movie Night, Central Coast Veterans Classic Golf Tournament, Rabobank’s Barrel to Barrel, Winemakers Dinner, Central Coast Longboard Surf Contest, and the 805 Classic BBQ featuring the Firestone Walker Brewing Company, a Vintage VW Display, and Concert.
We are proud to announce proceeds from the 2015 from Wine, Waves & Beyond will be donated to GleanSLO. Over the last five years, WW&B has raised $100,000 for local non-profit organizations.
Continue reading 6Th Annual Wine, Waves & Beyond Central Coast Longboard Surf Classic


Making Music with Gene Baler

GOG geneThe Goddess of Groove
By Mad Royal

Anytime I’ve talked to Gene Baker, he’s had an aura of being calm and excited at the same time, kind of a restrained expectation of good things to come, tied up with a deep satisfaction in what he’s doing at the moment. He may be known as Mean Gene, and he may even look a little mean (not really, but let him have his illusions), but he’s a pretty cool guy.
Raised in the suburbs of Detroit, Gene grew up messing around on the family’s Hammond organ. His two older sisters influenced his taste in music, as well as he dad, who took him to see and Elvis tribute band, Elvis Wade.
“We asked them to play Polk Salad Annie, and were impressed when they did,” Gene said. Continue reading Making Music with Gene Baler


Cal Poly Baseball Player Profile

Bloomquist608Casey Bloomquist

Pitcher, 6-3, 185, Junior. Eighteen wins in his first two seasons at Cal Poly and three more this year during a three-game stretch in which he beat pac-12 powers Oregon State and USC along with perennial Big West champion Cal State Fullerton. He is Cal Poly’s Friday night starter after a sophomore season as the Sunday starter. Was named preseason first-team National Collegiate Baseball Writers Association and second-team Louisville Slugger Collegiate Baseball Newspaper All-American prior to the 2015 season. Continue reading Cal Poly Baseball Player Profile


Wellness Through Writing

mittelalterliches Tagebuch in Sütterlin-SchriftBy Michele S. Jang, PT

Are you familiar with the expression “get something off your chest”? Holding our thoughts and feelings inside can wreak havoc in our lives and can actually negatively affect our health. Sometimes friends and family are not available to talk to. We have, however an access to an easy, affordable tool that can create positive and measurable changes in our physical and mental health: writing! Continue reading Wellness Through Writing


Through Their Eyes

Senior-Couple-UKBy Susan K. Boyd

How do we look at the world and those in it?  While we rush from one project to another, do we forget to see people? Projects can, quickly, become more important than people, because of our perpetual busyness.
If we want to learn how to slow down, and enjoy others, all we have to do is watch the very young and the very old.  Toddlers, for example, see grandparents walking toward them and they don’t see anything else. The children run, not walk, with their arms up in the air, and their eyes fixed on the faces of the people they love. The little ones want to show grandma or grandpa their room or a picture they just drew.  They don’t see wrinkled faces and slow bodies. They see people who want to spend time with them and share their world for a little while. Continue reading Through Their Eyes


Lives well lived

CC 2Story by Gareth Kelly, Photos courtesy of Sky Bergman

What’s that saying? Youth is wasted on the young? Perhaps 100 years ago that was once the case, but as we, as a society, grow older and older we are seeing more and more “old” people living full lives. One such lady is Evelyn Ricciuti a Floridian of Italian heritage who is 102 years young and is the grandmother of local Cal Poly photography and videography professor Sky Bergman. Continue reading Lives well lived