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Mustangs to March in Chinese New Year Parade

SLOCN Year of the RamBy Camas Frank

A group of 220 Cal Poly student musicians is headed to San Francisco on March 7 to take part in the Lunar New Year Parade through Chinatown.
The University’s Associate Director of Bands, Chris Woodruff is getting the wordChinese_New+Year_traditions out about the Mustang’s second trip to the parade in case any locals want to come along. The trip is sponsored by the school, he said, with help on arrangements from the University President’s Office.
Last year a band member’s parents asked what it would take to get the band in their local parade and that local parade happened to be the “Southwest Airlines Chinese New Year Parade.” Continue reading Mustangs to March in Chinese New Year Parade


Falling In Love – Staying In Love

couple-cooking-date 2By Susan K. Boyd MS, MFT

Valentines day is over but not the relationship that you were celebrating. You might have received chocolates or flowers or given them to that very special person in your life. I love getting them and giving them!
Falling in love is easy but staying in love is not. It takes more than chocolates, flowers, and a card to keep that passionate, flame burning through the years. What is the secret to being in love and staying that way? Researchers tell us that when the initial fantasy and dreaminess goes away other factors predict the likelihood that a couple will stay together. Here are a few. Continue reading Falling In Love – Staying In Love


Fifty Shades of Lousy

teri useBy Teri Bayus

This week’s movie is “50 Shades of Grey” (Yes, I am going there). I read the book, although everyone told me it would just make me mad, which it accomplished in spades. With ridiculous grammar pontificating about how a man that tells you to eat, then ties you up, is the thing best for a young girl.
I cringed and yelled through all three books. Many people liked it and I had hopes for a better movie than the prose, so I thought it would be smart to go with 200 strangers to watch a sex show in the dark (I did bring wine).
I went with an open mind, but when the last elevator door closed 128535_galafter what felt like four hours and the guy behind me blurted out, “Please let this be the end,” I laughed at the great cosmic joke Universal Pictures had just played on all of us. Continue reading Fifty Shades of Lousy


Eureka! Comfort Food and Much More

teri useBy Teri Bayus

“In wine there is wisdom, beer there is freedom and water there is bacteria” stated wisely by Benjamin Franklin and used with other bits of wisdom at Eureka Burger in San Luis Obispo.
Following their mantra of “Eureka,” used as an exclamation of triumph at a discovery, I agree. I had avoided this place because of the long waits and burger centric meals, but I became a fan on the first night, a convert on the second meal.
There is a talent to creating a menu that will sustain and intrigue the college crowd, yet make the locals and the grownups come back again and again. Eureka has accomplished this with full and unique -5drink items and delectable food staples. Those like me that truly appreciate great food, craft beer and artisan liquor are discovering a better restaurant experience at Eureka in Downtown San Luis Obispo.
Our first night there we sat at the bar and received some of the best service I have had at a casual restaurant. The bartender made Mr. Bayus an old fashioned that loosened his retrieve and made him swear to come here every night. Continue reading Eureka! Comfort Food and Much More


Entertainment: Feb. 19–Mar. 4, 2015

Los Osos dance band, Back Bay Betty, will debut some new original tunes in a show at the Shell Café in Pismo Beach. The show is set for 7-10 p.m. Saturday, Feb. 21. Shell Café, located at 1351 Price St., is quickly becoming a showcase for local live music and offers a great menu at reasonable prices. A short walk to the beach, too. See: www.backbaybetty.com or on Facebook for more on the band.


Kiosk HS jazz bandThe San Luis Obispo County High School Jazz Ensemble, with the best high school jazz musicians in SLO County and Santa Maria, will perform its annual concert at 7:30 p.m. Saturday, Feb. 28 at the Cuesta College Performing Arts Center. Tickets are $7 for students, seniors, and SLO Jazz Fed members, and $12 general admission. Buy tickets online at: www.cpactickets.cuesta.edu. The Cuesta Jazz Ensemble will also perform. The high school ensemble is put together every year to give the kids advanced training and to perform this annual concert. Continue reading Entertainment: Feb. 19–Mar. 4, 2015



framed long street bonetti DSC_0811-X3Story and Photo By www.PhotoByVivian.com

On Feb. 12 groundbreaking ceremonies were held at the historic Long-Street Farm – (F. Bonetti) property that sits at the corner of Tank Farm Road and S. Higuera Street in San Luis Obispo. Before Tank Farm Road existed, the streets surrounding the land were Pismo Road, Ocean Blvd., Avila Road, Hwy. 101 and now, South Higuera Street. The buildings on the property which are on the city’s list of historic places including a farm house, barn, granary and water tower, will be incorporated into a Marketplace that will have a Continue reading Framed


Clubs & Nightlife: February 19–March 4, 2015

805sound  LOGOSouth County
THE CLIFFS RESORT: 2757 Shell Beach Road, 773-5000 or cliffsresort.com.
F. MCLINTOCKS SALOON: Two locations: 750 Mattie Road in Pismo Beach and 133 Bridge St. in Arroyo Grande. 773-1892 or mclintocks.com. Live music at the Pismo Beach location every Fri. and Sat. from 6-9pm. Tennessee Jimmy Harrell and Doc Stoltey play on alternating weekends.
HARRY’S NIGHT CLUB AND BEACH BAR: Cypress and Pomeroy, downtown Pismo Beach, 773-1010. Every Thu. Front Row Karaoke.
LAETITIA WINERY: 453 Laetitia Vineyard Drive, Arroyo Grande, 805-481-1772. www.laetitiawine.com. Live Music Saturdays and Sundays 1-4pm. Continue reading Clubs & Nightlife: February 19–March 4, 2015


Lady Swings the Blues: Linda Martin and Back Bay Betty

me blue snipThe Goddess of Groove

By Mad Royal

The music business, in this area, at least, is about ninety percent men. Why that is, I don’t know; musical talent certainly isn’t gender-specific. I do know that it takes a lot of perseverance, patience, and a bit of a thick skin to make it in this business, especially if you’re female.
Linda Martin of Back Bay Betty laughingly defines herself as a “good girl gone bad”. To some narrow-minded people, that might be true, but the fact is that you’d be hard pressed to find a kinder, more generous person than Linda. When she walks in a room, people light GOG bbbup. When she starts to sing, well, that’s something really special.
Linda grew up in the Southern Baptist tradition in Los Osos. Her family went to church three days a week. She sang in the choir and played the piano and organ. When she was eight, she sang alto in a gospel group with her siblings called Sisters Four. Impressed with her musical talent, the folks at her Continue reading Lady Swings the Blues: Linda Martin and Back Bay Betty


Gaga Over Franco

king_harris cover bubbleGood to be King

By King Harris

When he was a young lad living in Carpinteria, Nick Franco, spent many a day cavorting nearby on the world’s safest beach, and by the time he was 17, he was hooked on the status of the State Park folks who were responsible for keeping up the scenic area.
So he became a park aide, and has been involved with parks ever since. As of February of this year, Franco left the State Park System and is now the man responsible for all the parks in San Luis Obispo County. Continue reading Gaga Over Franco


Affordable Care?

michele jangMichele S Jang, PT

This is just my personal perspective of the healthcare industry. I do not speak for any other physical therapy owner. My goal here is to let the public know how the changes in healthcare have affected my business.
First the good news; we saw 306 more patients in 2014 compared to 2013. I wish there was more good news to report, but there’s not. Yes, I am glad to have served an increased numbers of patients.
Now for the bad news; despite seeing an increase in the number of patients, we made about $6,500 less than we did the previous year! How can that be? Our reimbursement rates were slashed. We were forced into contracts to accept smaller payments for our services. Simultaneously, we had an increase in demand for documentation with higher regulations & restrictions surrounding people being seen for physical therapy. Continue reading Affordable Care?

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